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looking for advice / suggestions on internet filter software

hello, I'm looking for advice on an internet filtering program. need something that's simple and elegant - and can work with xp and win 7 AND will not mess up my vpn connection or slow down my machine... in the past I've used cybersitter - but it was a nightmare with sticking on startup and messing up vpn.
any suggestions?
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thanks so much! just looked at it for a min... looks very interesting. it's doing more than just filter right? is there any risk of playing around with the dns service? (sorry for being paranoid!! :)
What do you mean "is there any risk of playing around with the dns service?"

It's really just a DNS service that allows for reports and blocking categories and specific sites based on your preferences.
ok - i'm understanding better now... bit of a newbie as far as understanding how internet works but i just learned lots about dns :)
basically this is a way of accomplishing my goal without installing programs that could potentially gunk things up - cuz I'll simply be routing my internet through this... (er, having thier dns service set up my "address" as far as the internet is concerned...) is that more or less what's happening?
It sounds like you've got it.

To rephrase:
When accessing the internet, you have to translate the names into numbers - translates into a number and DNS does is the system that does that look up (kind of like looking up a person's phone number).

OpenDNS categorizes the various intenet sites into (I think) 50-some-odd categories and allows you to decide which ones you want to permit access to.  It also provides a mechanism to include exceptions to that list.

All this does is prevent access to internet services based on the category they are placed in.  It does not "monitor" chats for example.  Considering that it's free, I would recommend you try it and if it doesn't cut it for you, you can look at other solutions.
perfect! thanks so much for explaining so clearly :)