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unbale tp add 2008 DC into existong 2003 AD over MPLS links

I am having issues with adding my first 2008 server into our existing 2003 AD. here is the scenario :

- 2003 SP2 domain enviornment with 3 existing servers in the same subnet in our main office
- 2008 standrad server is in a different subnet and conected through a 10 MB dedicated MPLS link to main office
- All protocols are allowed , no traffic on the link

Prepared existing 2003 enviornment by running /forestprep and /domianprep switches  
I was able to join this 2008 machine to our existing domain as a member , it's using existing DNS servers and can resolve all DNS names .
I log in as domain admin - no issues
I tested quality f link with a ping :  Ping -n 32 -l 8096 <hostname> and it was fine. no packet lost.
created  a new site and assigned to a 2008 subnet

Then I ran dcpromo on 2008 server to make it an additional domain controller ; it found existing forest , all DCs and started installation of domain controler but it
failed after a few minutes ; here is the error :

Active Directory Domain Services attempted to perform a remote procedure call (RPC) to the following server. The call timed out and was cancelled.




Call Timeout (Mins):


Thread ID:



Additional Data

Internal ID:


So I thought that RPC gets timesout ; created this registry key (on both 2003 and 2008 machines) : RPC Replication Timeout (mins) and set it to 45 min. Restrated both machines , still getting the same issue .


any suggestions ?

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Please check the time and date on both machines, if there's a diffrence in time you may have similiar issue.
Also, keep in min they you have to raise active directory level.
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check make sure no software firewal is blocking ports 389 tcp.
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-Active directory level is already raised to 2003 (bothe domain and forest functional level)
- Restoring from media is not an option ; new DC is 2008 , existing DCs are 2003 . I also prefer to fix replication issue .  
- There is no firewalls that blocks port 389 TCP but I will double check.
I can telnet to port 389 from 2008 server to 2003 server , but other way around is not working.
the question is , why it keeps telling that the time out is 5 min. even after I set timeout value in registery and rebooted the servers...
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fixed it myslef.