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Backup 1+ TB data

I have a couple of clients who need a solution to backup their data.
Most of them do backup on tape now, but they have more and more data, and the current tapes aren't sufficient.

The range of data to backups is between 750GB and 1,5TB. The one with 1,5TB has a lot of large files so incremental backups are large as well. About 200GB.

First of all I'm looking for a way to backup all the data locally. I there is an affordable solution to backup all this data online aswell I'll try to convince my clients to do this.

It's all Windows, 2003/2008, Exchange,... We have a few colocated servers of our one, If there is any reliable software to do online backups on own servers I'm willing to invest in some new servers.
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Chris Millard
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With regards to local backups, external USB hard drives are cheap enough these days. We have a couple of clients who have purchased 2TB hard drives, and we swap these over on a daily basis and take them off site.

When you have THAT much data, I don't generally think disks are appropriate.  At that point an automated Tape Library is usually the best option.  But that's not cheap... Backup is, unfortunately, expensive.  If you go online, you pay by the gigabyte... considering that an 800 GB tape costs $30 (LTO 4, uncompressed), that's about 3.75 cents per GB ... yes the tape hardware is more expensive, but the considering the management costs of tape vs the management and RECOVERY costs of online, tape should seriously be considered... and then you need to make sure you can actually recover the data QUICKLY if the need arises...
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Disk to Disk to Tape/Cloud is certainly the way to go

We use DPM for Exchange/SQL and Hyper-v (~3TB) and a combination of RSYNC and Presstore for file servers (~14TB). Everything backs up (or mirrors) to disk (in another server) and then we go to tape from the "backup" server. This gives us the quick restore time of disk and the disaster recovery of offsite tapes.

DPM is great for Windows as it does block level incrementals :-) But as it is Microsoft _only_ we needed an alternative for our Apple and Linux servers and Presstore was significantly simpler and more attractively priced than the rest for a multi platform solution.
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Never used DPM before.
I'll try it, and as far as I can see prices are good, so looks good.

Thanks voor the tip.