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Free mail server on windows 2003 or 2008 standard


Can someone suggest a free mail server? we are about 150 users and need to make a mail server on windows 2003 or 208 OS. Please suggest with some link to deploy it.
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Mail Enable is a good one and the standard edition is free.
Why no use the one built in to Windows Server?

There is a perfectly good POP3 & SMTP service available.
Sorry, POP3 is available in 2003 but not 2008 without an extended available fir free from here:
Try looking at PEGASUS EMAIL
its free, i used it a t a company a while back and it worked very well.
Good morning,

The problem you are going to face with free email systems is going to be security and spamm prevention.  I have been an exchange administrator since the release of 5.5 and have to say that Exchange is one of the top two choices for a large environment.  Now since money appears to be a problem, as is in most IT departments today I suggest setting up an exchange system to trial for your company to show them it's value.  For about $400's maybe even less you can get a technet subscription and be able to fully deploy exchange 2003, 2007 or 2010.  The technet subscription gives you access to Microsoft servers, OS's, business applications and more.  I find technet to be my most valuable resouce and the price is fantastic for what you get.  The downloads are all fully operation and there is no time limit on installs so you can trial/evalute for as long as you need to.

goto to learn about it or to order a subscription.
I recomend the:

Microsoft TechNet Subscription Professional

Geared towards IT Professionals who need a more comprehensive subscription and are primarily focused on supporting Enterprise wide environments such as the following scenarios: server consolidation, interoperability, network management and more.

$349 ($249 Renewal)

Go check it out
The TechNet downloads are licensed for research and development.  They cannot be used in a production environment!
I disagree, the only way you can trully evaluate a product is to see it in action.  You are correct about the production environment to a point, you can trial it in a production environment.  Technets success for microsoft licensing has come from IT pros being able to show first hand to executives just how well some of these products work for their company.  I have had huge success in getting budget requests approved, and this benefits both technet and Microsoft.

If you really want to be a pain about you can go to:

and download the 120 day trial or trial the online version that is hosted with microsoft.  All I am suggesting here is for a demonstration to their higher ups to show them a little money spent will be a huge benefit for the company.  Most of these free-bees you download have back-doors, crap for anti spamm, and in the end cost you more than a true professional email system.  I have persannly worked in enviroments were some of these free-bees have been implemented, very disasterous results.  Besides Lotus Notes, Exchange is the best out there period!
You can disagree all you like.

Purchasing a TechNet subscription is not the way to license your software.

See here or TechNet licensing agreement:
I think that his point was not to license the software that way but to have a fully functional version to show the bosses what Exchange, or whatever product is about. But i think, technically, it would be better to test the 120 day version. Trouble is, if you go that route and don't like it, what about the email you already have in the mailboxes, moving them to another system may or may not be easy.
Best of luck.
You don't use technet to as a licensing purchase option.  You use it to be able to demonstrate the benefit of a fully operational product.  After they have a chance to see it in action it is a lot easier to get them to approve a license purchase.  It is not legal by technet to install the software and just use it license free and that was not what I was suggesting.

The problem with the 120 day trial is we are not always alotted the time to just jump in, ingore everything else and set up a test system.  More often than not we begin test projects and get diverted for days, weeks and sometimes months and the work you put in is lost because of time constraints and you have to start over and end up chasing your tail.  

With Exchange and Outlook you havew several options in how you can store the email you receive while testing the system.  since you can use Outlook to connect to just about any pop or Imap email account you wn't lose any email.  Whe you choose to shutdown Exchange you simply create a PST file for the email that is housed on echange and you have a copy.

Also, not that I like the new cloud email systems, Google Mail and Microsoft Outllook on the cloud is also available.

My main concern for you is that with 150 users you need to take an aproach that will meet your company needs and not create chaos and havoc for you.  Email is great when it runs great, but when problems arise with spamm, malware in the email, lost email, sending and receiving issues, you'll find out just how fast all of your friends at the office, especially management, turn into red-eyed fire breathing demons for hell.  Choose a solution very carefully and try more than one.  Also remember, you-get-what-you-pay-for and nothing is free.
fully agree with what you say there newmanme!
another option would be to go for a hosted solution, such as RACKSPACE or others. I am not a seller or rep for them, one that came to mind and is a nice solution for SMBs.
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It would have been better if provided some documentation for the same.
What do you mean with documentation? Most of the mentioned programs have got great tutorials and a good idea of what needs to be done for it to work in any specific environment.