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I got to restore my dell laptop to factory settings, and now i need my outlook setup as it was in previous, I have .pst file and all files that saved @ 'C:\Documents and Settings\MyFolder\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook'. I need all rules, sent items, folders and all settings as they were before. How can I get them? Please help me. I tried to copy those all files that I have as backup at same location but when I created the account and click on send/receive again all emails are getting downloaded which I dont want.
Thanks in advance
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PST files are archive files, they only contain emails that you archived. You can add that back by going to File->Data File Management.

Assuming you're getting email via POP3 or IMAP, as far as your rules, Sent Items, and all settings as they were before, that is not possible. You will have to reconfigure all those things, and your Sent Items will start fresh. Typically with IMAP, there is a folder containing sent items, but with POP3 you may never have a record of those items sent prior to restoring your computer(it depends on you email service and how you had it configured to download emails).
CPSRIAuthor Commented:
is it possible with any other files ?
No. If you only copied files from 'C:\Documents and Settings\MyFolder\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook', then the only files in that directory that can be transferred are any PST or OST files. If you do have an OST file, when you create your Outlook profile you'll want to make sure that the profile name is the same as the file name. By default, the profile name is 'Outlook'. If your OST file name is 'Outlook.ost' (which it is by default), then you can copy that file to the same directory and you SHOULD be able to access those emails.
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TheGorby is correct the copied .pst file contains only mails.You should have exported the contacts,rules before restoring.In file menu you will find import and export.Open message rules you will find impoert and export.You have to copy outlook.Nk2 files which will b in app dat\MS\OL folder.
If you r using official mail try to take contactfrom ur collegue rules you have to recreate..
CPSRIAuthor Commented:
yess..I have outlook.ost, extend.dat, Personal Folders(1).pst,, Outlook.xml.kfl, Outlook.pst, all these files I copied from that path I gave. Can i get same settings now?
File purposes/functions:

Extend.dat - contains info about add-ins, you cannot transfer this (and probably don't need to) - list of RSS subscription names
Outlook.xml.kfl - contains the Known Feed List for RSS which is shared with IE
Outlook.ost - the emails that were in fodlers such as Inbox, Sent Items, Junk E-mail, etc.
.PST files - emails that were manually exported, by you, to those files

I believe from the info you provided you are using Windows XP(?); what you'll want to do is, open your Control Panel and select the Mail icon. Click the Profiles button, and if there is a profile listed it should be named Outlook. If not, create one and name it Outlook. If there is a profile named something else, you'll need to rename the 3 files, Outlook.xml.kfl and Outlook.ost accordingly. For example, if the profile is named CPSRI then rename the files to, CPSRI.xml.kfl and CPSRI.ost.
For the PST files, you cannot import them without the risk of corrupting them but you can simply open them by going to the File menu and selecting Data File Management. From there you can select Add, and then add your PST files one at a time; they will appear along the left hand side of Outlook once added.

The reliability of all these files (except the PST's) to transfer over is not very dependable. Some items may show up and some may not.

Under absolutely no circumstances will you be able to transfer your previous rules and Outlook views/display settings. Sorry.

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CPSRIAuthor Commented:
yes I am using XP. After renaming profile's name in Control Panel, do I need to copy those files to the location in 'Application Data' folder? if Yes, when I need to copy those files after creating account or before?
Yes, you copy the files to the same location as you mentioned in your original post.

I would first create the account, and then before opening Outlook, copy the files.
CPSRIAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much TheGorby, it was so helpful to me.
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