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Network Adapater Stops responding

After install VmWare in one of my servers network adapters stops responding, I can access the network from the server, although, I can't acces the server from any machine. I have already uninstalled VMware and removed all keys related, I have already made a restore of the system state, chance. Any ideas what's the problem, please?
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1.What VMware software did you install ? VMware Server or VMware Workstation ?
2.What is the Host operating system ?
3.Is the NIC drivers up-to-date ?
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1. I've installed VmWare Server
2. Windows Server 2003 Standart SP2
3. The NIC's are updated
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4. I have no appliance on the server
5. The cable is ok and the switch too
6. The speed and duplex settings ok.

The server was ok this morning, it stopped after install Vmware and reboot the server.
Typically when VMware Server is installed, it installs 2 other Virtual Switches (VMnet2 and VMnet8) in addition to 6 more Virtual Switches (VMnet1, VMnet3 to VMnet9).

Other than this, it does not modify the Network Configuration under any circumstances.

VMnet0 would have the total number of NICs on the server bound to VMnet0 (which is the virtual switch for Bridged type of VM Networking).
VMtools is installed in the VM?
No, I've uninstalled everything related to Vmware.
??? Please I need more suggestions, I have no ideas what it can be.
Not solved yet.
I needed to format the server.