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Google "Did you mean"

We are about to launch a new product that has a dedicated site, but Google search thinks its something else and searches for a "Did you mean".....

How do I ensure that Google changes this reference for Day 1 of our launch? I cant seem to find a form.

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The trouble with that is we dont want to open the webstie for public access until Day one.
make sure to use a URL with no similare or keyword that close to another known words
like googe that the search engine will suggest ( do you mean ) google
what is your URL ?
Google is always trying to get the most suitable information to it's users. And seeing Google's succes, I'd say it's doing a pretty good job at it. If it's not available yet to the public, it won't be possible for Google to index it.

Only advise I can give is make sure you're well prepared. Making sure you've got a good sitemap.xml and ready to submit it to the webmaster tools. Make sure you've distributed enough press articles with click-able links to the new website and start the rumour before the actual launch of the website.