How can i get Sum and avg in Cross Tab report using Crystal report 11.

i am using Crystal report 11.
i have made one cross tab report. which is having Total column. that fine. but i need average as well. let me know how can i get Average value as well. for reference see my attached screen short.
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I've never been able to work this out in the same cross tab.  When I've needed different looks at the same data, I've created an additional report section and added a second cross-tab with the other calculation that was needed.  
Mike McCrackenSenior ConsultantCommented:
What version of Crystal?

mahmood66Author Commented:
dear mlmcc, i am using crystal report 11 version, as i had mentioned in my first line.
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Mike McCrackenSenior ConsultantCommented:
Sorry, missed it.  I think what you want is a new feature in CR2008.  I don't believe you can do it in CR XI.

mahmood66Author Commented:
ok, i will check it out in crystal report 2008.
This is a little more work, but I have used this technique to create my own cross tab type report when I've needed more control and the column data is relatively stable.  In this method, you create variables for everything you want to track, add them to the group footer level and the report footer level for you grand totals.  For each varialbe you want to show, you will need to create three variables to reinitialize them at the start of each group.  This link describes what you will need to set up and in which section and this will work in any version of crystal.

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mahmood66Author Commented:
thanx for your support.
mahmood66Author Commented:
ok; noted:

1. below formula for Aluminium, same i have done for Brass and copper.
--In Detail section.
IF {Command.ItemGroup}='ALUMINIUM'  THEN

2. i have made the group date wise (month will display like Jan, feb)

Then i have calculate the sum of this formula. which will give me sum of that group.

3. To calculate the Average i have made 4 formulate for each column. e.g see below example for one of the column

Sum ({@F_Alu})/GroupNumber

Mike McCrackenSenior ConsultantCommented:
How does dividing by the GroupNumber give you the average?

You could use the Average summary function over the group

mahmood66Author Commented:
I got some knowledge and partially solved my issue.i have done it with  a work arround.
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