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Can't access device manager for cisco pix 501

We just switched isp's and I need to change the ip address on our cisco pix 501.  When I try to access the pix device manager I get the familiar "Please do not close this window. The Cisco PIX Device Manager will start in another window."  However, the other window never opens.

I'm currently running PDM version 3.0(4), PIX version 6.3(5).

I've tried accessing it from firefox 3.6 and internet explorer 6,7 & 8 with the same result.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Check that you have given the pix ip address the right permissions via 'internet zone' to launch the new window.  In IE, you should drop the PIX address into trusted sites and try again.  

Also check that you have the correct/compatible Java version installed on the PC.

Does this only happen from 1 system?
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The systems I'm using are:

64 bit win 7, ie8, java 1.6.0_23
32 bit xp pro ie8, java 1.6.0_23
32 bit xp pro, firefox 3.6, ie7, java 1.6.0_23
32 bit xp pro, firefox 3.5, ie7, java 1.6.0_17 (this is the pc that I previously used to access the pix)
32 bit xp pro, firefox 3.6, ie7,java 1.6.0_23
The pc with ie6 that I was trying doesn't have java

The pix address is in trusted sites and allow popups.

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I had success with accessing Pix 501 PDM using vm machine with XP, Java 1.55 ver 22 if I remember correctly. And use IE (or you can try IE plugin for firefox). I successfully connected to pix using XP, IE6, Java 1.5.22


you don;t need the IE plugin on Firefox, the dependancy is with Java...
PDM 3 not 4. Those damn small letters


I uninstalled v6 and installed the v5 of java and the device manager came right up.  Thanks!