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I need a tool that can compare data between excel sheets regardless of the order.  I have a listing of file names from two seperate computers and I want to compare the two sheets to see what file names are the same and what are different on each computer.  One computer has much more content so the rows do not match up and there are to many line items to do this manually, basically a tool to compare the data and produce a seperate sheet to show what is in one sheet and not the other.
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I am not aware of a tool, but you could change the color of the text in one sheet, copy it to the end of the column of the second sheet, do a sort, then you would see the duplicates and the unique file names coded by color. Not fancy, but gets the job done.
I found this heaven sent tool long ago.

It has saved me TONS of time..


It will compare the content of files and directories.

Once installed there is a plugin called xdocdiff  you can download to compare office documents.

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I would use a vlookup for this.  It is a two phased approach. You need to check the first list against the second and the second against the first

So if your data are in Sheet1!A1:A200 and Sheet2!A1:A250

in sheet1:b1 enter this formula:
Copy this formula to b1:B200

in sheet2:b1 enter this formula:
Copy this formula to b1:B250

If the result =NA then there was no match.  If the formula returns the same text, there is a match.

I hope this helps,

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My Duplicate Master addin
at http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Office_Productivity/Office_Suites/MS_Office/Excel/A_2123-Eliminating-duplicate-data-with-Duplicate-Master-V2.html

Will let you compare/report/highlight duplicates & uniques etc between sheets  

It is more powerful than formula options as it has string functionality to ignore case, remove whitespaces and/or regular expression replacements

Can you post a sample file  ?


Suggest that as this is a basic data match that the Asker dis-engaged on that this be closed out

300 points to http:#a34436330.html (straightforward working formula solution)
100 points to http:#a34445615.html (Dup Master addin)
100 points to http:#a34435544.html (link was designed for lists on same worksheet)


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