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Display Problems! Green Static-Like Lines!

Green static like lines, sometimes horizontal other times circular, appear on screen when and whenever the screen is black! A color screen is not effected. Thus, at the top of my screen, I now see a green flashing broken line running just below Experts Exchange horizontally across the top of my screen!  The monitor is a Samsung 24",  2 years old!

I have connected  2 other monitors, a Dell and a smaller Samsung, to the same connection at the same location and no problems.

So the problem lies with the 24" monitor? Right?

But... I have also moved this monitor to another location on another computer and again NO problem. No Green lines!

I have a Mac Pro with dual boot via Bootcamp and the green lines appear on both the Windows 7 and Snow Leopard sides.

I can't figure out what it is... unless this particular monitor is susceptible to some interfering signals the other 2 are not. But one of them is a nearly identical Samsung, simply smaller!

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Rommel Sultan
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Its a monitor problem replace the monitor. Check the warranty and order a replacement if it is still under warranty.
Also make sure that there is no Physical damage, like scratch on the screen.
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Tks sultan, but why do the lines disappear when I connect the problem monitor to my other computer in another room!??

That's what stumps me.

After connecting the 2 other moniitors to the same wires at the same location as my Samsung, I thought the culprit was resolved!

No damage to the monitor!  The monitor is is warranty!
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Found the REAL Solution!!

I sent the monitor off to Samsung! It came back with the same issue. Enough!

So... decided to try and clean off the DVI cable connectors (which appeared fine) with some electronics solvent, reconnect the cable, jiggle them a wee bit while still wet with solvent and see what happens!

The green static lines are totally gone!!  There was something in the cable connections that was disturbing the video signal and all it took was a cleaner, albeit a powerful solvent!