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Raid setup

I have two 152625 MB HD that I like to configure in the Disk setup part of the Openfiler installation screen for a raid one. Can some help me with this. I am not a Linux person I learn and do as I go.

Mount Point
FileSystem type
Allowable Drives?
Size (MB)?
Additional Size Option?
Force to be primary Partition?

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What Raid do you want to configure? (0,1)?
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Raid 1. I have built-in raid  on the mother board, but for some reason it is showing up as two drive partitions. I am assuming like the fakeraid card I just paid for it isn't a true hardware raid, but software raid. So the hack with it. I was just going to configure a raid 1 from the disk setup menu in the installation part of openfiler.

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Thank you very much