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How do I change the logo dimensions in phpBB 3?

Dear Experts,

Does anyone know where I go on PHBB 3 to reserve the size space for the logo image?

In other words, is there some code that tells the browser to make the logo image XY size despite what you put up there as a pic file? Somewhere there seems to be some code that 'forces' the image into a specific size and shrinks the image (asymmetrically sometimes) if you don't match the thing's expectations.

There are also some silly rules about it having to have a transparent background.

So I need to know which phpbb file contains the code that controls this. What is the name of this file and where do I find it?

(I do not have direct access to the server that holds the forum, so please be explicit - I am going to have to explain this to someone else. Please provide a sample file path, filename, appropriate code, etc.)

Thanks in anticipation!
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Ah, I figured it must be something like that.

I will pass it on and let you know if it works.


Ok, that worked, but it took some extra foolery on the admin control panel -- it had to be changed there too, and caches cleared. After I'd changed and uploaded the .cfg file, the admin control panel still showed the old size. Changed it there too, and bingo.

Any idea how to control the centering of the image?

Thanks for your prompt response!