Linux: Trouble with very large file

I created a tar archive like this:

tar czf foobar.tar.gz /my/dir/

The size of the file is 6 GB.

I need to send the file to a different computer using FTP but I get an error:
Error: File `foobar.tar.gz' does not exist.

So I tried to split it but I got an error:
split: cannot open `foobar.tar.gz' for reading: No such file or directory

I can see the file using "ls -lh"
-rw-r--r--   1 myuser mygroup 6.4G Dec 28 09:11 foobar.tar.gz

What should I do?  Is there a way to create multiple smaller tar files?  Or is there a way to send the file?

I use CentOS 4 (32 bit).
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Is ftp the only way to get to the other system?
Is there an option to establish an ssh session and pump the data through
ssh user@remotesystem "tar cf - /my/dir/" | gzip -c >/where/there/is/enough/space/for/foobar.tar.gz
The - in the tar command indicates that the result should be sent to Standard Output.
What filesystem  is the file stored on? ext2/ext3?
hankknightAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately FTP is the only way I can connect to the remote system.

How can I find out what filesystem is used?
On your system the command is:

It will display the mounted devices with the filesystem type follows the type <filesystem>.

I do not believe that the 6GB is an issue.
Which ftp client are you using?

tar cf - | gzip -c | split -b <split_file_size>

where split_file_size if 500m you will end up with 12files.

See if that gets the process moving along.  
hankknightAuthor Commented:
The data is stored on ext2.

Thanks, but I don't understand how to create a split tar.

The directory that I want to archive is: /my/dir/

This code does NOT work:
tar cf foobar.tar - | gzip -c | split -b 700m /my/dir/

Open in new window


The line should be:
tar cf -  /my/dir/| gzip -c | split -b 700m

tar cf - /my/dir #will tar the contents and will pump the data out to standard ouput to
gzip -c # gets the data stream on standard output, compresses the data and outputs the results on standard output to
split -b 700m #which gets the compressed data stream on standard input and outputs the xa* files based on the specified size (-b 700m)
one the proces is complete you will have 8 chunks xaa xab xac xad xae xaf xag xah.
To reconstruct you would cat  xaa xab xac xad xae xaf xag xah > foobar.tar.gz.
If you need to skip the single file and reverse the process that created these files
cat xaa xab xac xad xae xaf xag xah | gzip -cd | tar -xf - #note the restore location will be based on the current location where this command is executed plus  my/dir The first forward slash is stripped when the tar process runs.
-d for gzip tells to uncompress
-xf - for tar deals with getting data on standard input and extracting the data.


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