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Microsoft Intenet Explorer 8 Keeps Crashing, Windows XP

Everytime I open Internet Explorer (Version 8.0)  I get an error IE has encountered a problem and needs to close. Have not been able to open it for a few weeks. I ran virus scans and spyware scans and they came up with nothing. I even tried re-installing IE and no go. I did go to Accesories and open Internet Explorer (no add-ons) and it opens okay so I am assumed it was an add-on causing the problem. However, even after disabling add-ons I still cannot get IE to open normally, either with the desktop icon or through the start menu. Any suggestions?
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Try uninstalling IE (either through Add/Remove programs or through Windows update). Once uninstalled, shut down and then restart.

Does that leave you with IE7? and then does it work?  

Let's go from here. ... Thinkpads_User
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@Fox, thanks for taking the time but I did already state in the question itself that I have tried disabling the add-ons without luck.

@thinkpads, will try the uninstall now and let you know what happens...
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Did you do exactly what Fox said ? "All Addons that has been run"  (not only currently loaded one)
Cause if it runs without Addons as you said it look like it's an addon problem.
(already saw that with an Audio add on).

I guess running it on the same computer with another Login is ok no ?
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@ thinkpads, I did remove it and yes, it left me with IE7 which does run...
bpfsr - Some thoughts from this point:

1. Look for other programs like Skype which can cause problems with IE and temporarily remove such programs.
2. Remove all addins in IE7 and see if it is still running properly.
3. Now try re-installing IE8 from the Windows Update site (not anything you have already downloaded).
4. Follow the advice by Fox85 and start with no addins and try one by one.
5. Try a different user profile as it could be profile related.

... Thinkpads_User