CF - Undefined form element

I can't see why the element GROW which is a form field is undefined when I am defining it with the EMAIL form field and it does not error out on EMAIL.

Any help is appreciated
<cfparam name="FORM.Email" default="">
<cfparam name="FORM.GROW" default="N">
<!--- Create an empty error string --->
<cfset strError = "">

<!--- If the form is submitted --->
<cfif isDefined("FORM.Submit")>
   <cfparam name="FORM.Email" default="">
   <cfparam name="FORM.GROW" default="N">
<!---    <cfset strError = ""> --->

      <cfset FORM.Email = Trim(FORM.Email)>
      <cfif Len(Trim(FORM.Email)) LT 1>
      <cfset strError = strError & "Please enter your Email!<br>">
      <cfif not len(strError)>    
         <CFQUERY NAME="GetEmail" DATASOURCE="HotBanana">
           SELECT  Email, GROW
           FROM    table

        <cfif GetEmail.recordcount GT 0>
          <cfset strError = strError & "That email is already registered <br>to receive the newsletter<br>">
           <cfquery  NAME="Added" datasource="HotBanana">
            INSERT INTO table (Email,GROW)
            VALUES ('#FORM.Email#','#FORM.GROW#')
           <cfset strError = "Added to the newsletter<br>">  
<p><cfform action="data_entry_form.cfm" method="post"> 
		<table width="400" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3"> 
			<!--- Add table row to show error message ---> 
				<td colspan="2"><cfif len(strError)>
  <div style="position:relative;left:5px; top:2px;padding:10px; background-color:#FFFFFF;width:250px;color:maroon;text-align:right;">
				<td><h2 class="style1">Email:</h2></td> 
					<!--- Email textfield - REQUIRED ---> 
			<td><h2 class="style1">GROW:</h2></td> 
			 <cfselect name="GROW">
          <option value='Y' <cfif GetEmail.GROW EQ 'Y'>selected="selected"</cfif> >Yes</option>
          <option value='N' <cfif GetEmail.GROW NEQ 'Y'>selected="selected"</cfif> >No</option>

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JohnMac328Author Commented:
It starts to bomb on line 56
If it's line 56, the problem isn't Form.Grow, it's GetEmail.GROW.  You're referring to GetEmail inside the part of the IF statement where there is no recordcount for the GetEmail query.

Try referring to Form.Grow instead and you might be fine:

<cfselect name="GROW">
	<option value='Y' <cfif Form.GROW EQ 'Y'>selected="selected"</cfif> >Yes</option>
	<option value='N' <cfif Form.GROW NEQ 'Y'>selected="selected"</cfif> >No</option>

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Pravin AsarPrincipal Systems EngineerCommented:

Looks like you are on your way to solution.

In future to debug similar issues you may



<cfdump var="#form#">

No points please.
JohnMac328Author Commented:
Great thanks
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