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Almost there with SSRS & Sharepoint... possible IIS issues?

Sharepoint 2010 with reporting services add-in installed to a Windows 2008r2 Web
SQL 2008 CU8 (this allows sharepoint 2010 integration) with SQL reporting services installed.

I have both servers installed as webfront ends with the SQL server acting as a the database server for WSS.

I can get my SSRS webpart to pull through to my sharepoint site successfully. My issue is that I can not save reports via Report Builder or Visual Studio 2008 to the reportserver so I can select them in sharepoint. I also can not browse the "reportserver" local directory on the web server and it returns back a "•This website requires you to log in." even though I have windows auth turned on in IIS7. This occurs when browsing from BOTH web front ends. I do have an issues with access mappings I know but I'm not sure how to map out the mappings as my primary webserver needs to be, well, primary.

Are there any places I can look at some logs or something to get some more details about the issue that could help diagnose the issue?
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That solution does not appear to be valid for Sharepoint 2010.
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Solution was discovered on my own... supplied answer for future searches.