Exchange 2003 Restore Issue

We lost our Exchange 2003 server over the holiday. I have a new server setup & used the 2 different methods to restore the data:

1. Using an Exchange Recovery Group & the MS Backup Restore Process
2. Using the esetuils to repair & install the original .edb / .stm files

In both areas, some mailboxes aren't there anymore. Although its just a few, I am confused about where they went & if I can get the messages back...

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How many users were there before and how many of them you cannot see.
when you run the merge process using Recovery storage Group you will get an error which will have the GUID values of mailboxes not found.
fyr3byt3Author Commented:
So far, only 2 that couldn't get into Outlook. When I chose the "Exchange Tasks" option in AD, I only got the "Create Mailbox" option. So I went to the Recovery Storage Group to find them & they aren't listed.

I went through the Export / Import process using EXMERGE & they exported fine (except for the 2 above - so far). However the import didn't work because they had mailbox names like jdoe123456789 instead of the "normal" jdoe. Instead, I cleaned the DB manually, created a new storage group then renamed the orig DB to the new group & mounted the store. Then I used the reconnect option to reconnect each user with its corresponding mailbox (with the exception of the 2 above)...

I am just not sure how the mailboxes don't show up in the restored DB under the Recovery Storage Group...
ok...Now when you try to use the merge option from the RSG what error messages you get.?

About those 2 users. RSG will have to those user's mailbox only if they were present at the time to backup. so when you restore or merge them they will show up. If these 2 users mailboxes have been purged before taking a backup then we will get them back.

You have mentioned you have tried running eseutil /p and eseutil /d on the original database. did you moved these files to RSG and tried looking to those maillboxes?
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fyr3byt3Author Commented:
Yes. I moved them to the group & mounted it - the boxes weren't there either. These 2 users weren't purged (by me anyways) - they had email before the server crashed...

were they in online mode or cached mode?

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fyr3byt3Author Commented:
Should be cached mode, but its hard to say for sure...
If you want to validate that the mailboxes are truly not within either database download Lucid8's DigiScope and then get the 30-day DEMO license.  This will allow you to open the EDB and Log files and you will see all mailboxes in the database regardless of GUID mismatch or even if they are not in AD.  If you can see the missing mailboxes in DS then you more then likely have a missing or mismatched GUID
fyr3byt3Author Commented:
So I managed to fix one of them - they were in cached mode & I found the previous .OST file on the PC they always use. I used the Recovery Toolbox for Outlook ($60 for full use) to convert it to a .PST. I then opened the .PST in outlook & moved its contents to the existing locations.

Now the other user switched PCs 3 weeks ago & they were not in cached mode on the newer PC, but they were on the older one. I managed to do the same process above & get them up to the point of switching PCs.

Still no clue why they didn't get converted...
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