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IPSEC vs. GRE Tunnell

I am a low level Cisco guy. I usually extend my more complex setups to another group with a CCIE but I want to ask this for my own knowledge. I have a radiology client that has connections to outside imaging centers. MRI's and CT scans are shot at the remote centers and passed to the central office. The previous technician setup IPSEC interfaces to connect these locations. The reccomendation was made to me to chage these and any new connections to GRE Tunnels. The tunnels have been explained as easier to configure and to manage. In regards to the data I'm aware that both offer encryption but is one better than the other? We have a Cisco 1811 at the central office. If anyone could shed some light on the comparrison of the 2 and maybe some suggestions for the best performance with security in mind.
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GRE is just for encapsulation and transport, not protection, of traffic.

If you use GRE tunnel I advise to use DMVPN, because it is easy to configure...
You able to protect GRE with IPSEC, so booth settings give same security, but don't forget GRE add additional header to IP packet! So better if you use IPSEC only it has less header thean GRE IPSEC protected tunnel. I advise to use certification not pre-shared key for authentication!

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