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cisco router for cable modem

I am looking for a cisco router/firewall that i can use to replace a cable modem i have.  I want to expand my firewall skills.  The router/firewall must support the cable network NTL use and be capable of a wireless network supporting N.  Must also be compatable with Cisco IOS not a different cut down version.

Any ideas if such a bos exists
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Although you could in theory use the module above as this would be a replacement for your existing cable modem, in practice I would not advise it unless you already have confirmation from NTL that it will work. I would suggest that you left the cable modem as is, and used a router/firewall that had Ethernet for its WAN port. This will give you a similar situation to most enterprise router/firewall deployments, however as you're with NTL your public address will probably be a dynamic one, which is not ideal, especially if you want to look at Cisco IPSec VPN technologies.

For a better environment, you might consider moving to an ISP that can provide a block of static addresses over an ADSL router in bridge mode, as this woudl allow you to run multiple devices with WAN addresses and better simulate an enterprise environment

Unless you have "ample" budget, I would suggest getting 2nd hand hardware, as you will be able to get more hardware to gain experience with. As an example, I would suggest a PIX 501 firewall, and any of the Cisco access points.

I would also suggest that if you want to start to learn Cisco, that rather than use a combined router/firewall and access point, that you used separate devices.
I'll be quite interested to hear if you manage to get the WIC configured with NTL :-)