Keyboard and Mouse not working.

I have a Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3 system that the mouse and keyboard that stopped working.  I tried a PS2 & USB mouse and keyboard, neither worked.  I decided to try and do a repair from the installation disk.  The repair goes through fine until it comes to installing Devices when it halts with a message box that says,

"The software you are installing for this hardware:

Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CA

has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP."

It ask if i want to continue installing the software, but I can't use the keyboard or mouse to do anything.  How can I get passed this or get the mouse and keyboard to work?  Is there anyway I could install the driver another way? The keyboard and mouse works fine (USB & PS2) before the setup.  They work with a boot CD and in the BIOS (Keyboard).  Thanks for any input!
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This controler error explains the issue that USB keyboard and mouse doesn't work.But doesn't explain why PS2 devices have problems.

Just to know that when you plug in a PS2 device you have to restart-reboot your computer in order device being recognized
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Is there a BIOS option in setup to support "Legacy USB devices"?  If there is and it's off turn it on and restart.
Can you try and boot into SAFE Mode (press F8 while booting).  If your mouse and keyboard work in safe mode try to install the latest USB Universal Host Controller driver at that time.
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pchtechAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your replays.
I had already tried new PS2 keyboards when the system was off and then starting it up.  That still doesn't work.  The lights on the keyboard (Caps Lock & Num Lock) stay on during install, but they keyboard wont function when the message box is up.

I've checked the BIOS and all I can find is an option under
"Intergraged Peripherals -> On-Chip PCI Device -> On-Chip USB Controller = Enabled
-USB 2.0 Controller = Enabled
-USB Keyboard Support = BIOS
-USB Mouse Support = OS

The BIOS is Phoenix -AwardBIOS. I tried the USB Keyboard settings set to BIOS & OS and neither worked.

Any other ideas?
Thanks again!
pchtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replay Dr. Linux, but I can't boot into safe mode now that i'm in the middle of an XP Repair.
Any other ideas?
Does the keyboard work while your in the BIOS? If it works there and it doesn't work in Windows then it's a driver issue.
pchtechAuthor Commented:
Yes the keyboard works in the BIOS.  I am stuck in the middle of an XP Repair and it is trying to install a driver, but I can't select yes to install the driver because they keyboard or mouse won't work.  How would I resolve this?
pchtechAuthor Commented:
I solved this myself.  The system was Windows XP Pro SP3, and that was the disk I was using to do the repair.  Since that wasn't working I tried an XP Pro SP2 disk to do the repair and that still wouldn't work, then I tried an original XP Pro disk and that finally got the keyboard(s) working.  Installation now has 15min left. Thanks for the help!

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Unplug the power from the back of the PC for about 60 secs.  After that you should be able to use the USB and PS2 ports.
pchtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks mattfazio, but I had already tried that and it didn't help.  I have already solved this issue; you can refer to my previous post (above yours). Thanks.
pchtechAuthor Commented:
Solved this with a different installation disk.
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