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Configuring Toshiba eStudio- 555 to print claim forms from different trays

The printer has 3 different trays, the first tray has claim forms, the second drawer has blue cross forms, the third tray has regular printer paper. Inside of the que I have the printer added 3 times, 1st drawer is named "1500 Claim", 2nd drawer is named "Blue Cross Forms", and 3rd drawer is named "RegPap." In the first drawer properties, under device settings, I have "auto default, bypass tray, drawer 2-4, LCF" marked as not available. External LCF is marked as letter. The second drawer i have "auto default, bypass tray, drawer 1, 3,4, and LCF" marked as not available and External LCF marked as letter.

When I go to run a test claim form, it pulls the paper from the 3rd drawer, which is regular printer paper. How do I configure the printer to pull the right paper from the correct drawers needed?
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