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what is the easiest way to write out a CSV file?

what is the easiest way to write out a CSV file?
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The easiest and quickest way is to use SQL Server's dts utility.  That assumes the data is stored in SQL.  Once you do that, you can run the dts package from within a VB program if this will be a reoccurring job.
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Maybe I did not state my question correctly - I just want to write out a flat file - comma delimited.   A flat file - I should have not stated CSV.
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Dim _Writer As New System.IO.StreamWriter("c:\test.txt", false, System.Text.Encoding.Default)
                _Writer.Write("this is your tekst)
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Give some more details. Write out a flat, comma delimited file from what? From a string, array, listof string, database .......?? The possibilities can be endless.
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Hi HLRosenberger;

You can do the following to get what you need.

1.  Create a String array. For example Dim strArray(5) As String
2. Loop through the list of values to be placed on one line and assign them to the correct array location
3. If one of the fields is to be empty assign it String.Empty
4. When all the fields have been assigned write it out to the System.IO.StreamWriter, assuming the
    name of the  StreamWriter is sw the following will write a CSV line to the file.
    sw.WriteLine(String.Join(",", strArray))
5. Continue looping until all lines have been written out to the file and close the file.

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