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Cisco PIX 506E NAT Policy

I am trying to setup our Cisco PIX 505E with a NAT policy that will allow us to open the ports for POP, IMAP, and SMTP. I am in need of the command, or string of commands to do this. We have hosted POP accounts and we need to open those ports on the public IP. Thanks in advance
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By default, all traffic is allowed to a lower security interface, example:
inside (security 100)
outside (security 1)

Do you have rules explicitly blocking outbound traffic? Can you issue a 'show run' and paste the lines that begin with "access-list" and "access-group"

the syntax to allow smtp and pop inbound would be:
access-list 110 permit tcp any host <ip of mail server> eq 25
access-list 110 permit tcp any host <ip of mail server> eq 110
access-group 110 interface outside
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This is how we fixed our issue.