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Watchguard - Some reports are blank

I have a Watchguard XTM510 running Fireware XTM 11.2.3, I have set up a logging and reporting server (on the same computer) but only some reports have data. For example, the "Denied Packets Summary" report works fine, but the "Top Clients by Proxy Bandwidth" has no data - the number of logs is zero. I believe the logging server is receiving all log messages correctly; I can see the traffic log entries as I browse to various websites. What am I missing?
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You are a genius! I had disabled the HTTP proxy, not realizing that it was required for logging and reporting. I realize that I need to know more about Watchguard - can you recommend courses or learning resources?
Most times distributors are giving watchguard training. Its xtm basics. but i think it's good enough.

I have the same problem, how to enable HTTP Proxy?