Cisco ESW-520 Pro port security

Hello All,

I seem to be running in to an issue where a Cisco "AKA Linksys" ESW-520 switch is blocking frames as if port security were turned on. Does anyone know how to get to a usable CLI or menu option to turn this off?

sysUpTime = 69356456
snmpTrapOID = rndNotifications.170
rndErrorDesc = %2SWPORT-W-LOCKPORTACTIVE: A packet with source MAC 10:9a:dd:14:8f:ed tried to access through port e26 which is locked

rndErrorSeverity = warning(1)
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On the edit port page - have you tried to Reactivate a suspended Port?

Page 215-216
Infinite_ITAuthor Commented:
Found it,

Security -> Traffic Control - > Port Security

I manually changed them all to unlock and all is well. Odd that a 40 + desktops would randomly start being blocked.

It’s really too bad that Cisco is willing to put their name on a crap Linksys device.

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Infinite_ITAuthor Commented:
Infinite_ITAuthor Commented:
Issue Solved
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