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Cannot find nk2 file

I setup a new computer for someone. I copied thier outlook.nk2 file from their old profile to the %appdata%/roaming/outlook folder on the new win7 machine. Went into Outlook and the name cahce is not working. I renamed the nk2 file to .old and restarted outlook. when I go into the location where the nk2 file gets created, it is not there. I typed in some addresses and those names now resolve in the name cache, so obviously there has to be a *.nk2 file somewhere but if I do a search for it, I cannot find the nk2 file anywhere. I have already changed folder options so I can see hidden files, system files, and extensions. any ideas?
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Isnt it appdata\roaming\Microsoft\outlook?
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It was Outlook 2010. I didn't realize that it no longer used the nk2 file. The /importnk2 switch worked.