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How do I increase the kernel paramter SEMMNS on Server 2008?

My Oracle Admin asked me to increase the SEMMNS kernal parameter because she cannot start a new database instance.

I have found instructions all over the internet to change it in a UNIX based OS, but none for anything above NT 4.0, which didn't even look like the SEMMNS parameter.

How do I increase this parameter?
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Windows 2008 Server doesn't have this parameter to change this is only for Linux\Unix
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Thank you for your quick response.

It was an oracle error – ora-03113 end-of-file communication channel
The error is a generic error which is usually followed by other errors.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

Is this a brand new database or did it just start happening?

You ready for the bad news?

This is a pretty generic Oracle error message.  They use it for many different things.  Getting this on database startup can be caused by many things.  

There might be a dump file generated.  Have the DBA check the alert log to see.  If there is a trace file generated can you post it?

If nothing is generated you might need to work directly with Oracle Support on this one.

The server was built a few months ago. The server is our test DB. I will ask for the information you requested.
This was the response from the DBA, sorry it wasn't more clear.

Thanks.  I’ve solved it – there were clues in the log files.

Thanks for looking!