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access file between two java projects

hi guys
I have two java projects in my Eclipse IDE
javaprojectcore and javaprojectweb

javaprojectcore (has the below directory structure)

  --> respources  (folder)
       -->dao   (folder)
            -->jacks-sqlmap-config.xml   (file)

This is my second java project (has the below directory structure)

  --> web-Inf

The requirment is in my spring-security.xml i want to access jacks-sqlmap-config.xml. I tried couple of different options but no luck.

This is my spring-security.xml
<bean id="sqlMApClient" class="org.springframework.orm.ibatis.SQLMapClientFactory">
<property name="configLocation">  
<value> /javaprojectcore/resources/dao/jacks-sqlmap-config.xml </value> --> Here i want to access jacks-sqlmap-config.xml

any ideas?

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refer to it on the classpath (this is assuming that the project javaprojectcore is on classpath of javaprojectweb).

I think it would look like classpath://dao/jacks-sqlmap-config.xml
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You will need to look at spring's documentation. I do not remember the exact details.
You will declare something that essentially imports the content of jacks-sqlmap-config.xml as beans. You can then reference those beans just like they were defined in that file.
So it would likely be something liek <value>${}</value> or <value ref=""/>.
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>>>This question will be closed on 1/21/2011 if there are no objections.

so does that mean i cannot ask a new question until then?
admin, can you please provide an answer?
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not satisfied with response