How do I setup a Repeating table with a repeating section with a number list?

I am new to Infopath and am attempting to set up a One on One form where employees can enter in information that is relevant to task and projects that they are working on.  I first created an Access Database where I want the data to be pushed from Infopath.  I then connected the database to the fields that I want on the form.  In the section titled Current/New Task Assignments I have 5 fields:

Field 1: Auto assigned task number
Field 2: Date picker for the date the task was assigned
Field 3: Date picker for the date the task is due
Field 4: Project Update
Field 5: Drop down list for Task status.

These fields are all in a repeating table.

I want Field 4 to be a repeating section with a number list so that the data entered in are kept in sequence and then as additional updates are made to the task the list starts from the number 1.

I've tried making this field a rich text box, repeating section and a number list but I keep getting the error:

"A repeating section must be bound to a field or group that repeats" but I can't make this field repeat.  Or when I try to insert the numbered list control I get the message " A numbered list control must be bound to a repeating field with a text or rich text data type."  

What am I missing here?  
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Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
OK first suggestion.

If this is going to be an enterprisesolution and have more thanone person using it... get out of Access and use SQL.  You are going to haveissues down the line. You can get SQL Express for free and it will give you much better performance and reliability.

Secondyou need a second table to for your Projec Update data.  It should have a primary key field that id's each of its records and then a secondary key field which has the primary key from the parent table.

Then in the data connection you have for your table, select add table and you can add the second table and setup the relationship.

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jefjarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your guidance.  I wouldn't call it an enterprise solution right now as it is only for my department of 12 people.  I don't have a great deal of experience with SQL express and if you have any resource suggestions I would be greatful.  

If I understand you correctly I have to set up second table and make that the primary and then a second key in the parent, main, table.  This is done in Infopath correct or the database?  
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