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How do you disable "Disk Eject" warning on Mac?

I simply want to know if it is possible to remove this warning, and if so-  How?

I do not care about the data on the disks that I manually eject.  Please do not tell me how this will corrupt directories, etc.  I am aware of the risks, and I am aware that this isn't ideal.
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Afraid not. Every operating system out there has this warning built in.
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Oh, I almost forgot. This warning can be disabled on Windows, but unlike on the Mac, it is also disabling the caching function when doing so. Again, if I could on OS X, without modifying the Core Services, I would.
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Thanks Vavatch, it's good to know that I'm not the only one who wants this.  I mean, I truly realize that it's not a good idea to disconnect your hard drives without unmounting, but I don't need to be nagged at every time I don't.  It's like having a wife reminding you to take out the garbage or something.  
Yeah, I have a wife as well as a few Macs and I am still trying to figure out how to disable her nagging functions as well. :)
I would test the suggestion Vavatch1 refers to in comment #34438950. To me it doesn't look that undermining to the Mac system, although I would make a bakcup copy of the original file ( first and rename it into something like so you can put it back in case needed. On the location of the original app I would try/run the Terminal-command "touch" to create a bogus app.

I suggest you test this for a while on a test system before using is on your main workstation and see what happens. Does it write a log entry when the disk-warning doesn't work? The worst case scenario I can think of is that you may need to reinstall Mac OS X (archive and install option), which should take less than an hour.

Personally I'm not that interested in using this, but it can be useful to do this on a server, provided the procedure is safe for Mac OS X. As for the wifes, I prefer to trade up when the wear and tear reaches the nagging stage and a software update doesn't help ;-)