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Adobe Reader X Folder Redirection Support

Does anyone know if Adobe Reader X supports folder redirection on a Windows Server running terminal services?
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We had some challenges with an Adobe product using folder redirection, if I recall properly.  Never did solve it unfortunately (we didn't spend much time dealing with it).
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If you can tell me what are you trying to accomplish with this I can help you out.

On my terminal servers I have people run there temp and saved adobe acrobat files on a z drive on another server. It works well with me.

We have a windows 2003 terminal server 32 bit and 64 bit enviroment.

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Based on the info from digitap and after reviewing the release notes I decided to give it a go.

The installation went without any problems and everything works fine.

It appears that the problems I had with V9 and folder redirection are no longer an issue in Adobe Reader X.

Thanks all for your insight
great!  i'm glad it worked.  thanks for the points!