remove spaces

how do I remove spaces and extra commas from the product_id string? When the value for product_id is null, I get a space and an extra comma.

user_id      product_id
12345       AA, BB, CC, , EE, , ,

SELECT user_id,
AA||', '||BB||', '||CC||', '||DD||', '||EE||', '||FF||', '||GG product_id
 FROM  table
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replace(replace(col_name, CHR(13), ''), CHR(10), '')

WITH t AS (SELECT 'a, b, c (x, y, z)' col1
             FROM DUAL)
SELECT t.col1,
       REPLACE(REGEXP_REPLACE(t.col1, '(\(.*\))|(,)', '\1\2\2'), ',,', '#') new_col
  FROM t;

Try this for comma etc
In the above query use '' instead of #
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WITH t AS (SELECT 'a, b, c (x, y, z), a, (xx, yy, zz), x,' col1
             FROM dual)
SELECT t.col1
     , REGEXP_REPLACE(t.col1, '(\(.*?\))|,', '\1') new_col
  FROM t;

Try this replacing t with your table

slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Can you post your code that produces the CSV?

I would suggest fixing it there instead of after the fact.

You can likely put a simple NVL call in the code that creates the CSV.

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>You could also try coalesce...

How will coalesce remove 'null'/missing values in a CSV?
> How will coalesce remove 'null'/missing values in a CSV?

I thought the problem here with the NULLs.  I also wanted to see the code which generates the CSV ;-). If my solution is no way related i'll take mine back.
teaoneAuthor Commented:
this solution from anumoses' link worked:
trim(',' from regexp_replace(val, '( *, *){2,}', ','))
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