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backup exec 12 exchange 2003

Hello all and thank you for your time.

I'm running symantec backup exec 12. 1364  the issue im having is when I'm backing up the exchange server.  I run a full backup every Friday starting at 6:15 pm to dell rd1000.  it is failing when running on schedule during the verify stage.  below is the error that I am receiving and after the error is my configuration for the job.  any help would be especially grateful.  symantec has many kb articles but they don't really aid in my situation.  has any one experienced this issue and was able to resolve it ?

Thanks again and happy holidays

Final error: 0xe00084c8 - The backup storage device has failed.
Final error category: Backup Device Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-33992.
this is my setup for the backup

Verify- \\ARRIS-EXCHANGE\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes An unknown error occurred on device "RD1000".
V-79-57344-33992 - The backup storage device has failed.

Backup Job Properties: Exchange IS-FULL BKUP




Selection list name: Exchange IS-FULL BKUP
Selection list description:    

Selections/Resource Order

Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\*.* /SUBDIR
Microsoft Exchange Public Folders\*.* /SUBDIR
First Storage Group\*.* /SUBDIR

Resource Credentials

Resources Resource Credentials
ARRIS-EXCHANGE arris-srv2k3-1\administrator
Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes arris-srv2k3-1\administrator
Microsoft Exchange Public Folders arris-srv2k3-1\administrator
First Storage Group  

Priority and Availability

Limit availability of this selection list for backup to the following daily time window: No

Job priority:  High

Enable automatic cancellation for this selection list: No

Selection List Notification


Include job log with a notification to an e-mail or printer recipient: No

Device and Media

Device: RD1000
Media set: Full Exchange system bkup (fri)
Family name: Media created 12/28/2010 12:46:51 PM
When this job begins:  Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is available

Restrict backup of the selection list to devices on the following media server or media servers in a pool: No
Eject media after job completes: No
Write checksums to media: Yes
Retension media before backup: No
Password protect media: No
Use Write once, read many (WORM) media: No

Maximum number of devices to use for resources that support multiple data streams:  1
Minimum number of devices, terminate job if fewer devices are available:  1




Job name:  Exchange IS-FULL BKUP
Backup set description: Exchange IS-FULL BKUP
Backup method for files: Full - Back up files - Using archive bit (reset archive bit)
Compression type: Hardware [if available, otherwise none]

Verify after backup completes: Yes


Set Remote Agent priority: Normal Priority
Open file backup when Advanced Open File Option is not used:  With a lock

Enable single instance backup for NTFS volumes: No
Back up files and directories by following junction points: Yes
Back up data in Remote Storage: No

Advanced Open File

Use Advanced Open File Option: No

Advanced Disk-based Backup

Use offhost backup to move backup processing from remote computer to media server: No

Microsoft Exchange

Exchange Server backup method:  Full - Database & Logs (flush committed logs)
Mailbox backup method:  Full - Back up messages - Reset archive bit

Continuously back up transaction logs with Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server: No
Enable the restore of individual mail messages and folders from Information Store backups: Yes
Enable single instance backup for message attachments: No
Perform consistency check before backup when using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshot provider: No

Network and Security

Network interface:  Use any available network interface
Protocol:  Use any available protocol

Allow use of any available network interface, subnet, or protocol for remote agents not bound to the above network interface, subnet, or protocol: No

Encryption Type:  None
Encryption key:  None

Run backup immediately when Symantec ThreatCon reaches: No



Include job log with a notification to an e-mail or printer recipient: No




Run according to schedule

Start no earlier than 6:15:00 PM and no later than 7:00:00 PM
Make the schedule go into effect on 12/17/2010

Schedule backup to run

On Friday of the first week
On Friday of the second week
On Friday of the third week
On Friday of the fourth week
On Friday of the last week
On 12/17/2010

Submit job on hold: No

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Do you run a seperate backup job to backup the system/server during the same times?
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no other backups run near the beginning or the end of a job.  i try to look at run times and space them out based on the run time and sometime I tend to put system and local drives back ups on weekends so they dont interfere with such an important job such as the exchange backups
check the logon account for the entry that backs up the
\\ARRIS-EXCHANGE\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes. This is probably different from your other accounts.
if its doing full backups of the brick level style. You will need an account that has access to those mailboxes.
I have set that to administrator is that not the best choice ?
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Thank you Mrbrain.  I think that would of been the solution.  backup exec was installed by the previous technician/consultant and it was "borrowed" from another client.  I believe backup exec was installed incorrectly because the service is using a local system account for the service and I cant even correct that issue by reinstalling it because I don't have any of the installation files and even if I did I don't have licensing if needed.  I thought I would give backup exec one last shot