Defining custom type calculated fields for IBM DB2 database tables

I'd like to define a custom field type, MYTYPE, that is calculated according to a formula (e.g. FIELD1+FIELD2). I'd like to be able to add fields of MYTYPE to DB2 database tables.

Oracle refers to this ability as virtual column. More info can be found here:

I am not sure if DB2 views can achieve the same purpose. Views can define a column for the calculated fields, but may not allow associating the calculation with a custom type. Having a custom type is important because it allows keeping the formula definition in a single place and seemlessly propagate the updates.

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Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi cyber,

You can create your own data types in DB2.  Generally, these are structure objects similar to C struct objects.

The CREATE TYPE statement is used to actually create the type:

Good Luck,
cyber-33Author Commented:
Hi Kdo, I saw the UDTs before, but I don't think they can be calculated according to a formula. In other words, the UDT types seem to be static. Please, correct me if I am wrong.
Kent OlsenDBACommented:

Yes.  As far as I know they are static.

You could always create a Materialized View / Materialized Query Table over the existing table.  A ton more flexible with the potential to be a lot more efficient, too.

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cyber-33Author Commented:
Yeah, the view is an option, but as stated in the question, I don't think views allow formula-based custom types. Do they?
Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi Cyber,

We're mixing terminology here.  :)

A Materialized View / Materialized Query Table is NOT a normal view.  DB2 actually caches the results of a query into a user accessible table.  Subsequent queries of the MV / MQT accesses the cached results instead of operating on the entire base table.  Any legal SELECT statement of the base table will generate the data in the MQT.  I'm not aware of a restriction that a UDT can not be used.

DB2 doesn't support the 'virtual column' that you find in Oracle.  But you can perform almost any calculation that you need to in the view and return a legal result set.  You should be able to cast to a UDT and return it.


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cyber-33Author Commented:
Kdo - thank you.

I was afraid that virtual columns are not supported in DB2 and you have confirmed it. The question is resolved.

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