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MS 2008 study/lab material

I wanted to know what alternatives I have for studying for MCTIP-EA certification for study and lab material.  What material is out there that is pretty good for learning and practicing (lab) this material?

I'm presently studying for my VCP and, presumably, will need to hold a great deal of knowledge in the MS 2008 environment if my VCP will hold any validity.
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Mike Kline
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...or to be a total VM sort of guy you get to know SANs and networking really well (that is the complete package for a Virtualization engineer IMHO)

...back to the MCITP.  Since you are already getting familiar with virtualization the best thing will be to build a lab.  A TechNet subscription is something I like to have because you have full access to all the server and workstation software.  You build a few VMs and go through the MCITP books and read through the study materials (something like the MCITP Self-Paced Training Kit from MS Press and others) come test day you will nail the simulations and you will have hands on knowledge.  You also keep that lab up for testing you need to do for work or future learning (the MCITP is really the beginning)

The askds blog is the official AD blog from Microsoft and it is a good one to read.  It may not help with the test specifically but great stuff there.

I've worked with AD for years....and I'm still learning and have a long way to go.  
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Joseph Daly
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