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How to get a mac Address of a printer ?


Since we have filtered by mac address a LAN (using DIR-600 DLink router), some computers doesn´t detect a network printer (hp laserjet M1522NF), I wonder how to get printer´s mac address.

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I'm not familiar with this printer, but I would imagine you can view the settings on a display or print a test page with the information.  Is there nothing in the manual?
Print the configuration page
Configuration page
The configuration page lists the current settings and properties of the product. You can print a
configuration page from the product or HP ToolboxFX. To print the configuration page from the product,
complete the following steps.
1. On the control panel, press Setup ( ).
2. Use the arrow buttons to select Reports, and then press OK.
3. Use the arrow buttons to select Config report, and then press OK.
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if you can ping it from a PC you can look at the PC's arp table just after you've pinged it.

arp -a

will show the arp cache.