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How to run a script to copy a file from GUNZIP and TAR in PERL ?


I would like to request an assistant.

It seems that when running the following bash file , the copy function running fine :

root@svr27 [/]# tar Oxzf /backup/cpbackup/daily/server2.tar.gz server2/homedir.tar | tar -Oxf - ./public_html/index.html | cat > /home/server2/public_html/index.html

But if i converted it into perl script, it seem the file copied is blank ...

Appreciates if anybody can spot where is the mistake.

FYI, i have confirm all variable is running fine.

Thank you.

sub copyfileinbackup {
print "$header<br>\n";
$backuptype = $FORM{'backuptype'};
$copyfolder = $FORM{'copyfolder'};
if (!$copyfolder) {
$slash = ""
else {
$slash = "/"
$userfile = $FORM{'userfile'};
$user = $FORM{'user'};
print "\n<br><br><b>This function is to copy <b>$userfile </b> file from /backup/cpbackup/$backuptype/$user.tar.gz  to /home/$user/public_html/$copyfolder folder.....<br><br></b>\n\n";
if (!$user) {
print "<font color=red><b>You did not provide the username to copy the file ....</font></b><br><br>\n";
else {
print "<br><br><b>The <b>$userfile </b>  file will be copied as follows : <font color=red><br><br>\n";

print "<b>Copy <b>$userfile </b> file from /backup/cpbackup/$backuptype/$user.tar.gz to /home/$user/public_html/$copyfolder folder ..... </b>\n";
system("cd /backup/cpbackup/$backuptype ");
system("/bin/tar -Oxzf /backup/cpbackup/$backuptype/$user.tar.gz $user/homedir.tar|/bin/tar -Oxf - ./public_html/$copyfolder$slash$userfile|/bin/cat > /home/$user/public_html/$copyfolder$slash$userfile");
system("chown $user:$user /home/$user/public_html/$copyfolder$slash$userfile");
print "</b><br><br><br>\n";
print "<font Color=green><b>Done</b></font><br><br>\n";
print "</b><br><br><br>COMPLETED<br>\n";

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Are you sure tar lives in /bin on that system?
Other than that, I don't see anything obvious but if you could post the HTML output so I can see what it's echoing for the values of the form fields, I could compare that to see if you should be getting the output you expect.
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/bin/cat \>  helps .