Trunk setup on Dell PowerConnect 2824 switch

Trying to setup 2 VLANs to isolate broadcast traffic and setup 1 port as the trunk that will ultimately connect to the router.  Have configured the 2 VLANs, but cannot get both to pass traffic through port 22 which I want as my trunk line.  Can only get each VLAN to pass traffic through port 22 if setup as the same PVID.

Sorry new to this setup, hopefully a fairly simple question.
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you have to configure port as 'switchport mode trunk' and then configure vlans on it with
'switchport trunk allowed vlans add x,y,z'

pvid is used for untagged traffic only, when you want to tell switch, that particular user/server port to traffic to place into desired vlan.

in your case complete config for dell switch can look like this:
vlan database
vlan 10
vlan 20
int ethernet g22
sw mode trunk
sw tr al vl add 10,20
int et g1
desc "user port in vlan 10"
switchport mode access
sw access vlan 10
int et g2
desc "user port in vlan 20"
switchport mode access
sw access vlan 20

you also have to understand that by separating traffic between vlans you may need to arrange routing between both vlans. To do that you need router or switch with routing capabilities.
In my particular scenario, if you place your internet router into port g3 configured with vlan 20, vlan 10 will be without internet access at all. if you need internet in vlan10 also, then you have to use DMZ port of your internet router.

Good luck!

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You cannot have two PVIDs on same port. PVID means untagged traffic. There can be only one untagged VLAN on the port, all other VLANs are tagged with respective VLAN ID.
Configure port 22 with PVID 1. Add port 22 under both VLANs membership.
On router side you will have to create sub-interfaces for each VLAN,and tagg them accordingly.

Please telnet to the switch, and enter:
show tech-support config

Send also router model, so I can help you with router configuration. Current configuration on router will also be helpful.

Hope it helps!

Port 22 needs to be set to trunk mode.  Then you should be able to add it to each of the vlans.
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Port 22 needs to be set to trunk mode.  Then you should be able to add it to each of the vlans. The PVID on port 22 should be set to 1.  Since this switch does not have a serial port everything must be done from the web interface.  Most of the cli commands listed above may not work because of the lack of a serial port for you to connect to.
WebccPresidentAuthor Commented:
The CLI commands are not working as listed from exp.  Once I enter configure it doesn't allow vlan commands.  Can you revise or is there a way to set from WEB interface?  Thks
please tele a look at this guide:
page 126 explains vlans.
please use guidelines to create vlans on page 127-128
you have to make port 22 a member of both vlans and it should be tagged (consider table 7-1 for details)

I don't have 2824 switch, so I have taken 3324 cli commands, probably they are not correct for your device.
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