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How do I use Symantec Ghost with Windows Remote Deployment Services

I'm trying to create a new Ghosting Server, but since RIS goes away when the server is updated with service pack 2 I'm having trouble getting Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 to work with RDS. Are there any steps out there to get them to work together lIke RIS and Ghost did in the Past?
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I've tried using WDS by itself but I've had too many issues capturing an image as well as deploying it. Most of the time it doesn't even reconize the local hard drive of the PC I'm trying to image. It just tell me that It can't locate the drive. Plus I want image a PC with all neccessary programs already installed.
Then I think you were doing something wrong.  I've NEVER had a problem imaging from WDS other than directly storing the image on the server.  What is your capture image based on?  I use a Win7 based capture image and it works fine.  

>Plus I want image a PC with all neccessary programs already installed.
So?  This is what capturing does - you need to SYSPREP FIRST, but once the system is sysprep'd you're good.

Keep in mind WDS is a Microsoft Technology designed to capture and deploy Windows images (WIM format).  You're not going to be able to use Ghost or Acronis or another third party imaging technology (Its not available and frankly, not needed).