Outlook 2003 Calendar issue

Outlook 2003, SP3 – installed on all users’ computer s, Exchange 2003 Standard on the server side
Few users are having problems with Outlook calendar entries.  Please see the test scenarios below:

-User A sends an initial a meeting invite to User B within the same organization for Dec 28, 2010 at 10:00AM.  User B accepts the invite through Outlook 2003, and the Outlook leaves a Calendar entry for the specific meeting invite. – OK here

-User A sends a meeting update to User B by opening the existing meeting invite, update the time to Dec 28, 2010 at 12:00PM and hit send update button.  User B accepts the updated meeting invite; The problem is that the user B now has 2 Calendar entries in Outlook -> 1 for the original invite and another one for the updated invite.

-Similarly, if User A sends another meeting update to user B, the user B will have 3 Calendar entries in Outlook as suppose to 1 with the updated time.
Note: User A has no problem when accepting calendar updates from other users.  All users are NOT using Cache mode in Outlook

Troubleshooting steps done already:
1. I tried to send meeting invite to User B from my Outlook but the problem still exists
2. The Outlook Calendar seems to be working for User B if he accepts the meeting invite/ update through OWA
3. I’ve tried to change the free/ busy connector time from 15min to 5min on User B but no difference
4. I ran outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy on user B but no difference
5. I had user B logon to a different computer/ setup new Outlook profile on the local computer (to eliminate Outlook issue) but still no luck

Question 1:
How can I fix the Calendar issue for User B? I am running out of options at this point, I would assume if the User B mailbox is corrupted then it wouldn’t work using OWA as well right? I had at least 2 other users reported the same problem and really like to fix the problem as suppose to re-creating the mailboxes on the server.

Question 2: (separate topic)
If the auto-archive is turned ON in Outlook by default, and if we turn it OFF, what will happen to the emails already archived in the .pst files? Does the Exchange server pulls back all emails from the local .pst back to the server OR does it leaves when ever archived in the local .pst in the past and will keep all future emails on the server?

Thanks for everyone’s help in advance! And wish you a Happy New Year 2011!!
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Question 2: exchange will NOT pull those emails back to the server. it will stay local as a .pst file. All future emails will stay on server/users inbox.

Have you tried updating the invite from OWA?

I would also try recreate the mail profile on another machine to test that way.
Also is there any delegates who accept the meeting on the users behalf? this could also be aproblem.

Here is a link to best practices on outlook meeting
BeerTimeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for Question #2 answer.
I've tried updating the invite from OWA and worked fine (left one calendar entry for the last updated time)

I've tried to recreate the email profile on another machine and having the same problem.  

YES, the common denominator is that these users have delegates -- only able to view their calendar entries but not accepting on behalf of them.  How can I fix the delegate issue?

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BeerTimeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the best practice link for Outlook meeting -- very useful!
BeerTimeAuthor Commented:

Does anyone know of any Outlook common calendar issues because of  having delegates?
BeerTimeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help!
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