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How do I clear MS Forefront Logs

I am running MS Forefront version 10.1.0746.0 SP1 on Exchange 2007.  The log files have filled up my disk in the location... D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Forefront Security\Exchange Server\Data\Archive.  Is there a way to clear these out?  I read somewhere that I should have an icon in my Program Folder to Clear Log files but all I have is the Forefront Server Administrator application.  Is there an EXE somewhere that relates to the Clear Logfile function?  Can I simply delete these .eml files?  I was also looking for a setting within Forefront to automatically clear logfiles but do not see one.
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The FSSMC is used to troubleshoot:

But the Clear Forefront log option removes all Forefront logs except the logs in the zip files, and Disable Forefront log turns off the Forefront logs.

Not sure on the rest of your questions at the moment...
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Unfortunately I do not have the Clear Forefront log option.  Does anyone know if that is a seperate exe in the applictioin folder that I can run?  Does anyone know if you can simply delete the older .EML files?  Anyone!!
Thanks for the points but I don't feel like I've earned em yet :)

Here's one idea:
Change setting "Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections (recommended)"
to "Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers". This should let your windows 7 computer see all the computers on your home network regaurdless of the operating system.

The setting is under Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings
Home or work (current profile)
HomeGroup connections

and here's another:
Microsoft has a hotfix for the LLPT in Windows XP that will also make it so that windows 7 computer will see windows xp computers.


Finally, if all the above didn't help, try this post:

Read through it since it not only discusses file sharing but actually 'seeing' the systems.  Not sure what is different between your and my config but I can see all here.  Win 7, XP, Vista and all printers and IP connected devices.  I know that doesn't help but maybe it will give you hope :)

Lemme know how things turn out
please ignore the above post.. Somehow got links crossed :(
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Go into Global Settings> Advanced Options> Logging Options towards bottom, And it should have a pull down about "Archive Transport Mail."
You can disable these logs here so they are not accumulating if that is your goal. If not you can turn the logging down to minimize the accumulation.  You can zip or purge any logs in those folders if you don't want them.
I was able to just delete the old log files.
Sorry to bump such an old post but just to confirm you can just delete all the old .EML files from the archive/in & out folders?