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Update ipad os don't want to lose jailbreak apps

I have and ipad (os 3.2.2)  I installed cydia and downloaded some game emulators and then uninstalled cydia.  I was wondering how I would be able to keep these emulators if I update to os 4.2.  Is there anyway using a backup?  
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In iTunes right-click on the device icon on the left side of the screen and choose 'Backup'. Update firmware and then then right-click on device icon and choose restore. Be warned that the current 4.2.1 jailbreak is only in beta so if 3.2.2 ain't broke...
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I still don't understand.  Why do you say at the end this:Be warned that the current 4.2.1 jailbreak is only in beta so if 3.2.2 ain't broke...  I am not planning on jailbreaking the device again.  I just want the 3 apps that I downloaded through using Cydia and it's available sources.  Will the instructions that you typed before the "be warned" part work to accomplish this?
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OK we are still not thinking the same.  I'm sorry if I am explaining this wrong.  Right now CYDIA has been uninstalled on my ipad but the apps are still there and they work.  Will these apps be able to be restored from a backup after I update the OS?
No they will not work. You can only load and run apps through the iTunes app store on a non-jailbroekn device.

Cydia serves a similar purpose as the iTunes store (to get apps on the device) but will only run on a jailbroken device. The apps loaded through Cydia rely on a jailbroken device to run.
So there must be some instance or something left on my ipad that has to with CYDIA.  That is why the apps still work correctly?
If I stay with my current OS 3.2.2 am I going to run into some problems down the road?
Only if you really need or want something from the newer iOS upgrades.
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Okay here is the definate answer to this because I have all gen iphones and ipad wifi and wifi with 3g.
If you upgrade to 4.2 os it will wipe out all Cydia apps. There is no way around this. Do no upgrade "unless" you rely on applications that are from the itunes store that needs to be updated from time to time.
Generally I do not like updating because it screws up all my custom apps. I only update if I absolutely need the newest version of an app that I download from the itunes store. Some of the newer  apps will not even run on 3.22 so keep that in mind. Update only if you really really have to.