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Host Websites(with apache webserver) from home

i Wanted to setup a home base web server, based on the external IP

Got some doubts on setting up a web server in my home and host a site online

Let me tell you what I have at the moment, A bsnl modem(UTStarcom wa3002g4), which connects to a WIFI Router(Belkin) which should point to my desktop IP and my  apache server.

So I did some port forwarding but nothing worked for me so far. Means whenever some other guys type my external ip retrived from, nothing shows up in their browser.
but if a ping is done it responds back.

Is there anything you guys can suggest where I could be wrong or what I am missing. I have also attached screenshots of what I already have with the configuration at the moment

I think I have done a port forwarding from my modem to my router and then from my router to my desktop.

<a href="">UTStarcom wa3002g4</a>
<a href="">UTStarcom Port Forward DMZ</a>
<a href="">Belkin</a>
<a href="">Belkin Portforward</a>
<a href="">Desktop IP</a>
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you need open port 80 to point your desktop machine which have apache webserver on it.

If you type http://localhost on your desktop machine you should see your web site. If you can't then there is problem with your web server.

Then if your web server is working internally, the problem is in routing.

You need to login to your home router and open port 80 for your website.
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First Check if the webserver is actually working and is accessible outside of the PC its setup on.

You can check this by using a different machine connected to your internal network.
1.  Open a web browser.
2.  Type in the URL like this: " http://<ip of your webserver> " 
this will tell you if the Webserver is working properly or not. Since it should open up the home page setup on the Webserver. (in theory it should show the Apache welcome screen or your website homepage)

If the above dont work then you have an issue on the Apache or the PC its setup on (i.e. Firewall, Network setup, etc..)

If it works then we go to the router.  Assuming your Belkin is the one normally sold for home use.
You might have some issues here.  Im not to sure about the capability of your router but normally home quality wireless routers have thier own webservers (thats why you can change settings using your web browser).  If you can change the default port of the webserver on the router then your in business.  If not well it will be a little harder.

Assuming your router is not to configurable. Then what you can do is to simply do a port forward. say port 8080 to your own webserver.  its done like this.

8080 to <ip of your server> port 80.

Now to test the above.  Have some one test that is outside your network.  The should type in " http://<external ip address>:8080 ".  Example would be " "

Though this is far from what you want but its just a interim step.  Let me know whats comes up and we will go from there.
Just to note I cannot view your images.  since I am at work right now where a lot of security is setup Ill try to view them at home later.
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