Can email be routed to a printer automatically?

We have some 150 Satellite offices that move every month or so. We want them to be able to scan and email hardcopy files instead of fax. In order to save on phone line installation/disconnection charges. But we dont want all the files stored in the Exchange Databases. Can we set up a mailbox that would automatically print to a printer the email and the attachment?

Any other ideas for how to solve this issue?

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there is a program called autprint that will do the trick..
it checks new messages and opens

worked for a customer of mine

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Could they FTP the files? Can you setup a printer on the Internet?  VPN in and put the files on your server
jerbe08Author Commented:

Reijer I will look into it...thanks for the idea.
D Vante, It would make sense but then we would have to teach them how to do it and support them. We are a distribution company and some of these folks are going to have enough difficulty working the scanner much less our secure FTP Systems.

I will be on vacation and out of touch till 1/7/11 just FYI to any who respond.


There are some printers that will monitor an email account.  See if one of your printers wil do this.  Then setup a gmail account for your end users to email to and have that printer monitor that account
jerbe08Author Commented:
Senior Management wants a dedicated hardware or server solution. One that does not integrate with Exchange.
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