Drivers needed for dell laptop to access Internet

I've installed Win XP in my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and need to install the drivers. I am unable to connect to the internet to install them, so I used another computer to download  them onto a flash drive, then transferred them to a folder my computer.  Which driver (s) do I need to connect to the internet, and how do I install it (them)?
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Vadim RappCommented:
open control panel -> system -> Hardware -> Device Manager; in the list, find all the devices with warning signs, i.e. those with no drivers; right-click each one, and select "Update Driver...". This will start Hardware Update Wizard - follow the prompts. You can allow the wizard to connect to Windows Update, or proceed to the next screens and specify there the location where you copied the drivers to as the location to search at.

This page should have the list of all possible drivers for your system. To get the hard wired internet connection working, you'll need to install Marvel drivers, which should be named R167854.EXE

Good luck!
Assuming you have the correct drivers and Windows has detected your network hardware, it should be fairly straightforward; the way I would do it is through Device Manager, which you can open in a number of ways.  If you aren't sure how, just do Start > Run and in the command box type devmgmt.msc

Reference these step by step instructions:

Pay special attention to steps 7 through 10 where you will be directing the wizard to look for the drivers in the location you have placed them.  Keep in mind that it won't search in zip or exe files, so you may need to unpack them to a temporary location if they aren't already in the proper form (inf, sys files).

That should be about all you need to do, let me know if you get stuck in the process.

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Vadim RappCommented:
...also, if those drivers that yo downloaded and copied, are executables, then simply launch them, and they will be installed automatically. If they are not installed but are only unpacked, then do as in my previous comment.

The device in the device manager that is responsible for connecting to internet will be called "network adapter", or similar.
Hey Vadimrapp1

They would work if he was connected to the internet.
Vadim RappCommented:
@D_Nev - you're right, in the portion about "connect to windows update", my mistake. But if the drivers are already in the folder, as it seems to be, then the wizard will find them and install.
The drivers from Dell are EXE's, so he just needs to run them one at a time. Dell's drivers are easy to install, and the one he needs for the ethernet is listed above from the Dell support page.
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
Wish me luck experts.  The Win XP I installed was not from Dell - their CD
did not work, even though I gave them the service tag number, when I
ordered the disk.  I installed from a standard Microsoft XP Pro disk. Maybe
I'll have to also install standard drivers for XP from Microsoft.  
Most likely, you wont get the drivers you need from the XP disc. You already had the right idea downloading the drivers from Dell's website, so all you need to do is run those EXE's that you got from Dell after you install Windows.

Piece of cake. And if you need to download the drivers again, just use the link i posted earlier to Dell's support site to re-download them

Good luck :)
Vadim RappCommented:
> I installed from a standard Microsoft XP Pro disk. Maybe
I'll have to also install standard drivers for XP from Microsoft.  

Doesn't matter. The only thing that differs "standard" XP from Dell's (or HP's, or Sony's, or any other) is that Dell's will have start menu featuring Dell, and desktop background featuring Dell, and IE's home page somewhere at Dell, plus several "helper" programs running in the background helping you to communicate your needs to Dell, etc., etc. But the core is the same, and drivers are the same.

Install network driver first, then you will be able to connect to internet and install other drivers by that wizard that can search by itself - which is actually the preferred way since these drivers are certified and are coming from Microsoft. If some devices still remain without drivers, there are some websites that can scan your system and find the right drivers (also newer versions of the existing ones) - and . I have been using the latter one, and it's excellent.
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
D Nev - R167854 is for Vista.  The one I need is R18046
Downloading the drivers from dell and opening, one by one,
was the method that worked.
Glad to hear it worked for you, thanks!
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