help with div placement using CSS

On my page I have a div that keeps dropping to the next line. It is a tip box that appears when someone rolls over a link, you can see it by going to this page 
and putting your mouse over the "privacy policy" at the bottom of the page.

The message should appear directly after the words "privacy policy" how I can accomplish this?
My code is below.




    background-image: url(/templates/theme599/images/policy_bg.png);

    height: 67px;

    width: 231px;

    padding-top: 7px;

    padding-right: 10px;

    padding-bottom: 6px;

    padding-left: 25px;

    font-family: "Times New Roman", Times, serif;

    color: #333;

    font-size: 14px;


.privacy {


<div class="footer">
          <div style="margin-left:150px;"><div class="logo_holder"><img src="/templates/theme599/images/afosr2.png" width="65" height="66" /></div><div class="footer_text_holder"> The Ohio State University - Department of Psychology &copy; 2010   <a href="#" class="privacy" onmouseover="javascript:show()" onmouseout="javascript:hide()">Privacy Policy</a><div id="d" class="cc"
style="visibility:hidden;position:absolute;" >All personal information provided to CMR is kept strictly confidential and is not
sold or exchanged with any entity.</div><br />
 Funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</div>
<div class="logo_holder"><img src="/templates/theme599/images/osu-logo.png" width="65" height="66" /></div></div><!--{%FOOTER_LINK} -->
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There are a couple things I would do.

If this is the only place that you use this box, i would first specify that the background doesnt repeat, and I would use a smaller font so it fits the box properly. I'm using IE8, and the image that you are using is repeating as the text is larger than the box.

	background:no-repeat "plus your current background stuff";

Open in new window

It also looks like the width of that box isn't long enough to accomidate the background image, which is cut off on the right side a little.

I would also adjust the padding on the top to see if that moves the box more inline with the "privacy policy" text.

I would add a display:block; to the css for testing purposes.

Lastly, by "directly after", do you mean directly to the right?

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elliottbenzleAuthor Commented:
Yes, directly to the right
ok. Then adjust the settings above and see if you get any closer to what the desired effect is :) I'll see what i can do after that.
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elliottbenzleAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I eventually got it.
Good deal. I'll take a look in a sec :)
This is what I get in IE8 on Win7. Looks like a new style of box, but the length of the text causes the text to bleed over, which repeats the background of the box. Again, it's also cutting off the right side. Let us know if you need some more help. You may want to post the question again now that you have this new style of box. What it looks like in IE8
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