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SBS2003 no inbound email

have an sbs2003 server and i am using a smart host outbound, outbound email is working but i am getting no inbound email. i had someone test it and give them an error 454. i have used the Connect to the internet wizard and it completed without error, i have rebooted as well.  All the services are up, Exchange./SMTP and the store and default SMTP connector are started. what am i missing?
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Alan Hardisty
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Please visit and then check that the IP Address you see is the correct IP Address you are expecting to see.

Also visiit and test port 25 - you should see SUCCESS if the port is open and forwarded correctly.

Visit and check the MX records for your domain and make sure they tally with your current IP Address.

Check your firewall and make sure port 25 is open and forwarded.
It appears you have configured your SMTP virtual server to require a encryption (TLS). You can remove it from the access tab.
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Sorry - can you please explain what the problem was for the benefit of future visitors.