Problem with COM redirection

I have a XP computer that connects to a 2003-based terminal server by RDP.
We are running an application that needs a serial-communication with a terminal for credit cards (
The application seems to start the connection, but it complaints about the data beeing transferred. I think it's because the data-stream is not as it should be. We are running 9600 baud.
Are there any way to shape the data stream for the serial communication?
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I found this article in a similar question, not sure if it will apply though, worked for them.....

Credit Card Reader over Terminal Services

Can you verify what the reader is actually transferring instead of an actual 16 digit #?
stebysheAuthor Commented:
From the application logs, it seems like the application is trying to send data to the terminal. But the application does not get any response back (acknowledgement).
This does work if we run the credit card terminal locally on the PC....but not through RDP.
Do you have enough licenses to run this through RDP?

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stebysheAuthor Commented:
Yes, we have enough TS CALs...if that is what you think of.
stebysheAuthor Commented:
The thing is that COM1, COM2, and COM3 are working in the RDP-session.... but the application for the  credit card terminal is complaining.... and it seems like this is because of the quality of the connection.  We have other equipment on COM1, and this is working just fine.
So you have COM1 in use for other equipment through RDP and want to add this ccard reader to COM1 also?

Have you attempted to use a different COM? or Re-assign the other devices to a different COM and let the ccard reader use COM1 if that is the default for it?

And no, I wasn't thinking TS CALs (although these are needed per connection), but does your ccard reader license permit remote use?  Or are you permitted to use it on a non-local system?  I've seen devices that require a local machine, period.  Hence my question, is this option (using RDP) even permitted with the device and licensing you have.

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stebysheAuthor Commented:
The default for the ccard reader is COM2. We use COM2 when we run it locally.
We run other equipment on COM1. Ccard reader on COM2.
I don't know if there are any restrictions for running this reader remotely.
I have tried to get in touch with the ccard provider, but no answer today....

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