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MS Server 2003 DNS

I am setting up a new Windows 2003 R2 Server. I can ping to a domain name such as and it is properly resolved ... but when I put same domain name in a bowser, it can not resolve the domain name. Thoughts?
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Verfiy that your browser is not trying to use a non-existent Proxy server.
Check all settings under IE - Tools - Internet options - Lan settings (including proxy server)

usualy all settings should be unchecked, depending on you setup.
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No proxy server is set in browsers ... good thought though.

I have tried both in Chrome and Explorer with same results.
Have looked at IE options and Lan settings ... all are unchecked.
1) what error do you see in IE when trying to open a page?

2) Can other computers on same network browse internet?
1) Internet Explorer cannot display webpage

2) Yes - when I connect my laptop to the same router that the server is connected to ... the browser on my laptop can successfully get out and resolve domain. I am using it now.
Is your gateway set on the workstation as the same on the server?
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Found that the network card was faulty and replaced.
I played around with the setting on the network card ... and this seemed to fix the issue. Thanks to all who made suggestions.